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Mail Server with Custom User and Domain Names
It has been a while
Transistor Controlled Fan
Pulsing Light
First Hardware Project
A Website for Visually Forecasting Commodity Values
Double Pendulum, a Chaos Simulation
A Website for Showcasing Projects
Equity Research Report
A Practical Guide to Fourier Data Techniques
Curry Cooking and Delivery Business
Construction of a Small Scale Solar Farm
Wavelet Analysis of Oceans and Lunar Cycles
Various Physics and Mathematical Practice Problems
Boat Wars
Mathematical Modelling of Chemical Transitions
Upbeat Jazz Improvisation
Adelaide University Physics Institute
Fourier Theory in the Analysis of Sound
Imaging Astronomical Objects
The Music of the Sun and the Saha Equation
Simulated Atomic Electron Shells
Building a Rocket
Painting the Mandelbrot Set
Calm Jazz Improvisation
A Mathematical Model of a Laser
Creating Holograms
Analysing the Emmision Lines of a Sodium Light Source
On the Magnetic Field and Other Properties of the Milky Way
Basic RPG Game Template Video Examples
Basic RPG Game Template
Adelaide University Science Association - First Year Magazine
Astronomical Object Analysis Using the Software DS9
Analysis of Electrical Circuit Filters
On the Origin of all Chemical Elements
Water Pressure Simulation
Various Unfinished Software Sketches
Background Tune
Determination of Gravity Strength using Katers Pendulum
Basic Tank Game Template
Solar System Simulation
Random Colliding Balls Simulation
Basketball Game
Measurement of Magnetic Field Strength
A Modern Website with Purchasing