First Hardware Project
Start Date: Jul 14, 2023
First Hardware Project
A first attempt at a hardware system.

The items all together were fairly cheap, only about $30 (AUD). I took about 5 hours to get it all working properly. It runs on battery power and flashes a light on and off every second.

A bit about the technical stuff: The battery supply is 4.5V in total and the output for the light is 3.3V. There is a resistor of about 2 kilo-ohms between the supply and the light.

Here's a video of the end result.
To get an idea of the size, here is the system beside my hand. The hardware is suprisingly tiny!
The chip is programmed using C++. The only black-box element is the use of 'C make' software. This converts the C code into a file that can run on the chip. I think to avoid this would require figuring out how to compile into the chip file type, which is designed by Microsoft. This file type has the extension '.uf2'.

Finally, here's a photo of the system by itself.

To download the file, click here: